Come and join us for Prayer and Bible study each Wednesday night at 7 p.m. as well as Home Fellowship Group on Wed. or Thursday night at 7pm ( When Scheduled). Experience a lift in your spirit mid-week as we come together for fellowship, to worship, to pray, and to study God's Word. See Calendar for time and dates.

Wednesday Bible Prayer and Bible Study


Wednesday Night is a great time to get together for fellowship, to worship, to pray and study God's Word. This is our mid-week service that is a little more relaxed and not so structured. We're hungry to see the Holy Spirit  move in the service and minister God's love and encouragement.

Home Fellowship Groups

Home fellowship group is a part of our family atmosphere.  We gather at someone's home for special topics on the bible such as: prayer, prophecy, End times etc. Occasionally we will watch a DVD Bible topic series or read and study a popular Christian authors book. These run at different locations throughout the year on Wednesday or Thursday Nights nights at 7 p.m. It is a chance to know each other a little better, have some fun, support each other and have more indepth study into the bible. 


In closing; the disciples prayed, traveled, ate, and lived with Jesus for three years during his ministry.  It was an intimate relationship they had with Him and each other.  This built trust and reliance on Jesus as their source for living.  It is all about a relationship with Jesus that bonds us together.  We are to see Jesus as our source for living and relationships.  We encourage each other and pray for each other as those early diciples did.   

Kingz Kidz Sunday School

Sunday School is a foundation for teaching your children to learn about our Savior Jesus Christ and His great LOVE for them.


Sunday School gathers to teach your child God's Word.  The foundation of scripture that they learn early in life gives them confidence in Jesus as they grow in their personal relationship with Him. 


We work in partnership with parents to help them establish the Word of God in their children's lives with singing, fun projects, and bible stories to reinforce those principles. 


Sunday School is for ages 5 to 12 and begins at 9:45 a.m.(after Worship)


Foundations in Faith Course


This is a new series for new believes as well as those who want to renew their faith and foundational teachings.

This course is available on-line, to do at your own convience or join us for a scheduled class. Please see calendar for time and dates. If you are interested in this class, please email us and let us know-thanks.



To bring knowledge, stability and strength, through the understanding and application of basic Bible teaching.

To create a strong foundation of Christian faith.

To help in living a successful Christian life.

To build relationships with other members of His Church body.

To inspire the sharing of the Gospel.

Topics covered:

God and his Word                                          

Repentance and faith                                            

Water baptism                                            

Fruit and the gifts of the Spirit   

The Holy Spirit                                                 

The baptism in the Holy Spirit            

The importance of prayer                         

The blessing of giving                                            

Biblical principles of money                    

The church and Christian fellowship

Discovering your spiritual gifts