"Then those who gladly received his word  were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them. And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.


Acts 2:41-42 (NKJV)


"Church is about our relationship with God, one another and our relationship to the world around us."

Why Church?

Going to Church means different things to different people. A lot has to do with where our parents went to Church, how we were raised and if we went to Church at all. Some of our Church experiences have been good or maybe not so good. Others have no idea at all what going to Church means or why even bother.


Yet we find ourselves wanting to know God more, to experience Him on some level. My wife was raised Catholic, and I was raised Baptist. How different is that. Almost worlds apart. Through the years we experienced different denominations and worship experiences.


The bottom line is that there may be different churches, denominations, and worship styles. We find what we are comfortable with, what we are used to, or what we shy away from and avoid all together; What kind of music we like, the style of preaching, is there some-thing for my children or my teenagers? Is it a family oriented Church? How long are the services? Will I be home in time to catch the game on T.V. ? Is there something for single people? Is the Church traditional or more contemporary?


As you read this, doesn’t it become aware to you that Church becomes more about us than about God. Almost like a buffet restaurant. We pick and choose what we want. In the realm of Christianity there are many flavors and taste so to speak and we have to be honest with ourselves and ask the question how much is man centered, man initiated, or God centered and God initiated?


Every denomination thinks their right or they have the best services, they are more scriptural in teaching and worship, and that some think they are the only true Church. It can all be confusing at times. What’s right? That’s a good question!


Did you know that God is not the author of confusion. That God is a good God. That He cares about you! That He wants to have a relationship with you. The Bible teaches these things and that is the heart of Christianity. The Bible, the Word of God that has endured through the ages, has to be our foundation, our road map, our guide to Biblical beliefs, worship and practices.


When we go to Church it’s about growing in our relationship with Him, through Jesus Christ, His Son by the Spirit of God. The Church is the Body of Christ here on earth . Those who have been born again by the Word of God and His Spirit.


Church is not going to a building. Yet it is gathering together with people of like faith to grow spiritually and to worship God together and yes we meet most of the time in buildings. Also, it is a rallying point to reach the world for Christ with the good news of salvation. Telling others the amazing things that God has done in our lives.


What I’m saying is that we need to study the scriptures and align our lives to it. Church is more than traditions, rituals, and ceremonies. It’s not even about what I want or getting my needs met or what I personally think Church should be or not be based on my experiences. Church is about our relationship with God, one another and our relationship to the world around us.


If the former outweighs the latter we are missing the whole point of Church. It’s just not for the sake of duty, or just showing up and putting in our time. That’s not what God intended. That’s not experiencing the God who loves us. He has so much more for us. The Son of God, Jesus Christ is the center of our lives and Church experience. It’s really all about Him. Learning to be more like Him in our lives. That’s what Christian discipleship is all about. There is no perfect Church, only a perfect God who loves us immensely. It’s by the grace of God that we follow the Bible and align our time together according to the scriptures. God has given us numerous examples of what Church life should be about. And how it should look. ( Acts 2:41-47; Heb 10:23-25 )