Cornerstone Christian Homeschool                                  Co-op


Mrs. Lent is the head of our homeschool co-op.


The Annual Awards banquet in 2021


Thursday Chapel with Pastor Pat

Cornerstone Christian Homeschool Coop is a wonderful supportive school where kids can grow to be smart and spiritually healthy young adults. Students can start in Kindergarten, and can go all the way to graduation in our school. Several of out students have gone on to college. Mrs. Lent says the school is run a bit like a home school or a one-room school. The students use the ACE program for most of their subjects, and progress at their own pace. For math they use the Saxon math curriculum.  If they have difficulty with anything, the teachers are there to guide them and help them when they need it.

This year we will be offering Kindergarten 

If this sounds like something that might help your child, call the church during weekdays, and talk to Mrs. Lent!

518-868-2268 is the number.