Cornerstone Christian Academy


Mrs. Arlene Lent is the principal and head teacher at the Academy


Cornerstone Christian Academy Annual Year End Banquet for 2021!


Thursday Chapel with Pastor Pat

Cornerstone Academy is a wonderful supportive school where kids can grow to be smart and spiritually healthy young adults. Students can start at 1st grade, and can graduate from our school, and go to college, if they choose that path. Mrs. Lent says the school is run a bit like a home school or a one-room school. The students use the ACE program for most of their subjects, and progress at their own pace. For math they use the Saxon math curriculum. And if they have difficulty with anything, the teachers are there to help. And they help a lot!

This year we will be offering Grades 1 and 2 with Mrs. Joyce Lawyer. She is a great teacher, and wonderful with the little ones!

If this sounds like something that might help your child, call the church during weekdays, and talk to Mrs. Lent!

518-868-2268 is the number.